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GENERAL FAQs (Scroll down for gift FAQs)

Can I purchase last month’s box? Most months we sell out of our boxes, but we do occasionally have some left over. These are available on our website in the "Past Boxes" section. If you are a month-to-month subscriber you will never miss a box!

What can I expect in my box? Each month your box will include one book (your choice out of two), and two or three surprise items. The types of items you can expect to receive include: stationery, office supplies, beauty supplies, candles, specialty food items and more!

I just subscribed, when will I receive my first box? This will depend on the date you subscribe for the first time. If you subscribe before the 15th of the month, you will receive your first box the first week of the following month. For example, if you subscribe by May 15, you would receive your first box the first week of June. If you subscribe after May 15, you would receive your first box the first week of July.

How do I pick my book? You will be sent an email with the book choices for the upcoming month on the 15th of the preceding month. For example, you would receive an email to choose your book for June on the 15th of May. You will have 3 days to respond with your book choice using the links in the email. Choose your book, or choose to be surprised within the email.

What if I want to choose a book but the deadline has passed? You must make your book choice before the deadline. If you do not choose your book by the deadline, you will be surprised with one of the two book options.

What if I read both of the books offered this month? If you have read both of the book options offered, we recommend you share the book with a friend or give it as a gift. Another option is to reread it and join in the discussion on our website. You also have the option to skip a month if you are subscribed to the month-to-month plan. If you choose to skip, you must do so before you are billed for the next month’s box on the 15th of the preceding month.

Where do I go to discuss this month’s book with other HBL members? Go to hellobooklover.com and click ‘Blog’ in the menu bar. This will take you to the Hello Book Lover blog. To find the most recent book discussion posts click on “Book Club’ in the menu bar.

When will I be billed? You will be billed on the 15th of every month for the next month’s box.

When will my box be shipped? Boxes ship the first week of each month.

How do I know when my box ships? You will receive an email after your box ships.

Where does Hello Book Lover ship? We currently ship within the United States.

What is the Return Policy? All boxes are final sale. We do not take back single items from boxes. If you received a damaged item or an item is missing email us at [email protected] and we will take care of it for you. If your box does not arrive, please contact Hello Book Lover via email within 14 days of receiving the shipping email. If we are not notified in that timeframe we are unable to offer a refund or replacement. All refunds are granted at the sole discretion of Hello Book Lover.

How do I cancel my subscription box?

1. Log into your account on Hello Book Lover.

2. You will see a list of active subscriptions on this page. Click 'Edit'.

3. Choose ‘Cancel the subscription’. See the cancellation policy below for more information.

What is the cancellation policy? You are billed for the next month’s box, on the 15th of the preceding month. If you cancel before you are billed your cancellation will go into effect immediately and you will not receive the next month’s box. If you cancel your subscription after you are billed on the 15th, you will still be charged and receive the next month’s box, and your cancellation will go into effect the following month. Three and six month prepaid subscriptions cannot be cancelled. There is no fee for canceling a subscription. Our offices are closed on weekends.

What happens if I cancel immediately after placing an order?

You will still receive your first box which you paid for when placing your initial order. When canceling immediately after placing an order you are canceling the subscription and future boxes. Canceling immediately after placing your first order does not refund payment for your first box.


There are several things to consider when purchasing a gift subscription, including when the first box will ship, who will choose the books for the subscription and when the book choice email is sent out. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our FAQs section for details, as well as the below gift specific FAQs.

When will the gift recipient receive their first box? This depends on when you make the gift purchase. If you want the gift to ship the following month, you must subscribe by the 15th of the preceding month. For example, for your gift recipient to receive their first box the first week of January, you must subscribe before December 15th. If you subscribe after December 15th, the first box would be shipped in February.

I am buying a Hello Book Lover subscription as a gift, when do I need to order by and when would the recipient receive their first box? See the subscriber FAQs for signup information and cut off dates. If you prefer to give a single box as a gift, we also have past boxes for sale as one time purchases. Check out the “Past Boxes” section of our website. Boxes purchased from this section of the website will ship out to the address given in 1-3 business days.

How do I make sure the subscription does not automatically renew after the subscription period is up? To ensure your 3 or 6 month gift subscription will not auto-renew, at checkout choose "This is a Gift" and be sure to leave the "Automatically renew this subscription" box unchecked. With these settings the gift subscription will expire after the subscription period you choose ends. Your order summary on the left side the checkout page should read "# deliveries, will not renew" with the # referring to the number of months you purchased.

What do I do if I want the gift recipient to choose their own book each month and receive all book choice emails directly? Email [email protected] with the email address of the person who will be receiving the gift subscription. We will ensure they receive the book choice email. All billing and renewal information will continue to go to the email address you used to sign up.

I want to choose the book for the gift recipient each month, what do I do? Use the personal email address at which you wish to receive the book choice emails when making your gift purchase and creating a Hello Book Lover account. If you have an existing HBL account you will receive two book choice emails each month and must make a selection for both.

When do book choice emails go out? The book choice email for the upcoming month is sent to the email on file on the 15th of the preceding month. For example, you would receive an email to choose your book for January on the 15th of December. You will have 3 days to respond with your book choice using the links in the email. Choose your book, or choose to be surprised within the email. If you would like book choice emails to be sent directly to the gift recipient email [email protected] with the gift recipient's email address.

How can I let the gift recipient know I have purchased them a subscription before they receive their first box? We’ve created custom printable gift inserts that you can present to the gift recipient, letting them know you signed them up for Hello Book Lover! Find the printable here.

If I provide the gift recipient’s email when checking out, will they get an email about Hello Book Lover that will ruin the surprise? This depends on when your first box will ship and the timing of the event the gift is intended for. The gift recipient won't receive an email until the first box has shipped. You can determine when your first box will ship based on your sign up date (See the FAQs above). If the gift is intended for a birthday or holiday before the first box ships, we recommend you print one of our gift printables ( found here ) to give as a placeholder.

The “Choose your Book" email will be sent to the email address the account was created with (likely yours, the gift giver) and goes out on the 15th on the month before the first box ships. You can either choose the book for the gift recipient, forward them the book choice email, or contact us directly to request we change the “Choose your Book”email recipient to the gift recipient's email address.

If you have any other questions, please email [email protected]